Welcome to KS&T blog. To kick off we decided to come up with a rather controversial and provoking issue. We hope you will enjoy it and it may even provoke a reaction


What would have happened if we had known and used knowledge management at the times of Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci was a Renaissance artist and a classical genius of his times. His works of art have survived to this day and he also had many pupils.

On the other hand his technical and medical discoveries sank into oblivion and at his times there was nobody who could breathe life into them. What was the reason? Why the following generations had to rediscover the already discovered?

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Knowledge Management and Smoking

After a long break, I would like to come back to you with another rather controversial opinion. Namely, it is about smoking at workplace from the perspective of Knowledge Management...

In the past when smoking was allowed everywhere and at all times, apart from the health concerns, it was of little or no significance to Knowledge Management. Yes, if your key employee, the bearer of knowledge, contacts, visions and strategies, was a heavy smoker, it did mean a considerable risk from the point of view of losing this ''source of knowledge'', but as a phenomenon for transferring and sharing of information, his or her smoking would not have had any impact.

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