Process and risk management

We offer an exhaustive analysis of the existing processes (as-is) and prepare proposals for process modifications (to-be) according to the predefined requirements (e.g. cost reductions, improving process turnaround times, quality improvement, etc.). All the products are delivered in an unifed format with the possibility of customized adjustments to reflect the environment changes and product or management requirements on key outputs. It of course includes setting up clear roles, responsibilities and settings for each process participant and in every process phase, setting measurable parameters for monitoring, evaluation and possible early correction. We at KS&T lay special emphasis on knowledge management, i.e. on the impacts of processes on knowledge development, sharing and documentation.

We also provide a complete analysis of process risks (as-is) and the possible “to-be” options proposed, including risk quantification, the estimated costs of their elimination or how much would it cost, with certain probabilities, keeping the identified risks or its parts data analysis necessary for a decision about the acceptance of identified risks or their parts. Equipped with this, our client is able to make an informed decision about the suggested solution. We at KS&T also put emphasis on the risks connected with the loss, leakage or lack of knowledge therefore these risks are covered both in the analyses and in the suggested options. Mandatory &/or necessary trainings and certifications form integral part of our product offering.

Such adapted and documented processes are fundamental for obtaining ISO or Six Sigma certifications.