Document management system

Our document management solution based on opensource version of Alfresco application represents an ideal solution for all small and mid size businesses, for whom the licensed DMS solutions that incur per user licensing fee for full manufacturer support, are a big financial expense but who could afford to be less demanding with respect to reliability(i.e. 24/7 support ...) stemming from lack of support from the solution provider. On the other hand, it does not have to limit the number of users and they can easily create accounts for their customers and / or partners regardless of the extent of the mutual cooperation.

At the same time, the capability to securely communicate and store the customer documentation on the infrastructure owned by them represents a significant advantage. Another great advantage is also the possibility of merging normal working environment with the repository for important, approved and certified documents such as contracts or products documentation without incommensurate restrictions for regular work on one side or reduced protection on the other. The delivery may also include a link-up with the above-mentioned user-based application portal Moodle.

Storage functionality includes: