Company founders

Both the founders have traversed different paths of life and have got different job experiences and have different point of views on many things. Despite this they have come to the same conclusions in terms of knowledge management as well as many other things. This common understanding based on their various experiences and their mutual respect is a guarantee of their ability to seek new and unusual solutions backed up with additional testing and corrections if necessary. This fact is also a guarantee of their cohesive and stable vision for the company.

Both the founders know the environment where people want to share knowledge and to communicate but do not have the appropriate tools as well as an environment where sharing and collaboration could equal suicide They have met people more than willing to share the knowledge/information and people deliberately providing false information with the intent to harm their competing colleagues in the process . Both of them had to solve various ethical dilemmas and were fascinated with the gap between the importance of knowledge (as for value of the company and its relevance in relation to company’s ability to manage) on one side and the under/over estimation of knowledge, waste of resources and a general inability to deal adequately with them on the other.